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About innoSMART

Let me explain a bit about who we are and what we do.

The mother company of InnoSMART is Comel Soft Multimedia Ltd. – a pioneering value added distributor in the IT sector for the last 28 years (

With that InnoSMART Automation is but a piece of the puzzle. It started a few years ago as an add-on project in the automation field branching out of the Smart city solutions we have developed. 

In the center of InnoSMART lies our experience/expertise in the field of Machine Vision and Industry Automation. It allows us to provide a wide array of tailored process automation and quality-control solutions as a real contribution to the move towards Industry 4.0. Our notable customers include DHL Europe, TNT Bulgaria and many other industrial companies from various industries.
We are partners of Kuka and IDS for Bulgaria

Zlatko Zlatkov, managing director, InnoSMART Automation, Ltd.

eng. Zlatko Zlatkov

Managing Director, InnoSMART Automation, Ltd.


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